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My Word Combinations: The Gap

I spent every recess during first grade training intensely for what I believed would be my future career as a professional teatherball player. By second grade, I had moved on entirely to organizing double dutch jump rope competitions. For those who may not be familiar with double dutch, it consists of two long jump ropes swinging in opposite directions. After the jump ropes start swinging, one or two players jump in and continue jumping until someone makes a mistake.

…I never waited for a second player to start jumping.

I just jumped.

I distinctly remember singing loudly as I jumped. I would mess up from time to time and launch into a full-on giggle fit. I would typically jump for a while alone. However, in time, inevitably someone else would walk by and want to join in on the fun.

In many ways, this is how I view single life. I like to jump. I don’t want to wait to start jumping. I don’t want to put my life on hold until someone agrees to jump with me. I just want to jump and perhaps in time someone will walk by and want to join in on the fun (Keeping in mind that sometimes you may need to move your jump rope closer to the crowd – a lesson I continue to learn). However, in the meanwhile, I jump for the sheer joy of jumping.

It beats the alternative of sitting on the playground alone, jump rope in hand, refusing to jump until someone jumps with you; growing increasingly pouty with each passing rejection. After all, it seems you would be far less likely to attract a crowd that way.

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